Hi, I'm Dija and I'm an actress and filmmaker on a mission to create art that impacts the world and inspires the soul while raising a happy and healthy family.


WHAT UP? My name is Dija Henry and like you, my fellow creative soul, I'm a lot of things. But mostly, I'm a story teller. I love to tell stories that inspire  through various media. My favorite is through acting, writing and filmmaking.I've been acting in professional theater, film, commercials, print and voiceover work for over 15 years. I've also been having a blast making independent short films for the past few years as well. I feel like I'm on the way to living my dream! 

Side note: I'm also apparently stubborn because I haven't given up on my dream of having my own TV show and acting in studio films since I told my mom that I wanted to be an actress at five years old.

Ten years ago I started to create my own content after I got married and started a family. I feel like creating content saved my sanity! It was such a wonderful outlet to explore my creative voice and connect with other adults while I raised my babies. It gave me the confidence to produce my one woman show, make movies, work with brands, write for publications, speak to audiences, travel and share my message of inspiration with the world. I'm passionate about helping other creatives get the courage to share their magical selves with the world as well because I know how wonderful and empowering it can be to create something that resonates with someone else. In this little corner of the interverse (internet) you'll find inspiration for creating your own content and sharing your message with the world.

Below you can read a more official bio if you'd like.


Dija received her B.A.’s from Purdue University in Acting and Biomechanics. It sounds like a unexpected pairing but it just affirms her love for acting and wellness.

She has been a professional actress for 15 years performing in theater, film, commercials, print work, and voice-over. Want to see what she's done?  Learn more here.

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She has written and performed several plays including her one woman show Sweatpants & High Heels which was a featured show at the International Diva Festival.  She had the privilege of performing all around Midwest as well as in New York.

Sweatpants and High Heels

Dija has also written, produced and performed in several short films that have screened in Los Angeles and Midwest festivals garnering several award nominations. Whether it's performing on stage, screen, commercials, print work and voiceover, Dija brings passion, creativity and her unique perspective to all of her work.


A ten year veteran of online content creation, Dija has worked with brands such as Target, Hallmark, Mila Magazine, No Compromise Magazine, Grit & Virtue, The Influence Network, and many more. On her blog or her Youtube Channel you will find Dija creating content that inspires the creative soul.

Dija recently started The Blue House with her husband where they teach kids ages eight to eighteen how to make short films from story concept to red carpet as well as mentor kids through music production from idea to iTunes. She brings fun and tons of energy to teaching kids how to be creators not just consumers of content.

dija handing out gift bags at blue house premiere.jpg

Alongside her work as an actress an filmmaker, Dija believes in serving her community. She is currently an volunteering the Felege Hiywot Center through the Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps. She uses her online experience to help in the areas of brand awareness, social media commuication and developing programs for the second generation immigrant and urban youth.

Recently, Dija published her first book "I Dare You Not to Compare Yourself to Others" and has been requested to speak at several women's events. She likes to think it's because she brings fun to everything she does.

Her favorite films are those that inspire the human spirit.


"If you hear a voice within you say 'You cannot paint' by all means paint and that voice will be silenced."

-Vincent Van Gogh

TOP PASSIONS (The Passion Test by Janice Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood)


Enjoying a healthy/body/mind/ spirt full of energy and LOVE

Growing closer to God

Traveling with my family on inspiring and beautiful trips

Leading a highly skilled, passionate, wise, innovative team in making a difference in the world 

Living Debt free and building wealth in a fun way