You've got big dreams and goals to crush. Don't waste your time comparing yourself to others.

I dare you.

What if you could be one of those confident people who were doing amazing things?

You know....

The ones that are creating amazing stories and being recognized for their hard work.

The ones who are becoming thought leaders and changing things in their industries.

The ones who are making change in their communities and shaking things up wherever they go.

The ones who are attracting life changing opportunities.

The ones who exude confidence and aren't afraid to be themselves no matter what.

You don't have to be a celebrity or super rich to live a life where you walk boldly in your purpose.


  • You're just starting out pursuing your dreams.

  • You're raising a family and working a survival job to make ends meet.

  • You don't have the biggest following on social media.



All you need is...

  •  A burning desire to walk in your purpose.

  • A step by step plan to dealing with comparison.


Hi, my name is Dija Henry. I'm an actress, writer and filmmaker living in the Midwest with my husband and three children.  Not too long ago I was EXACTLY where you are now. I started creating online content ten years ago and I struggled to figure out how to monetize what I was doing. I started to compare myself to other content creators to the point of depression. I almost quit on my dreams. I felt stifled every time I wanted to create or express myself. For years I compared myself to others believing I had to copy what others were doing in order to be successful.

As a highly creative and passionate creator I literally felt like my soul was getting sucked dry because I wasn't walking in my purpose and creating the things I wanted to create. I was busy trying to create the things I thought would get me more followers.

I had the mistaken logic that more followers meant more money that I could use to help my young family at the time.

I didn't realize that the key to forward movement was to confront the underlying issues of comparison in my life.

You see, deep down I was just afraid to be me. I desperately wanted to feel successful at something...anything. I kept thinking that my path to success was going to look like someone else's path to success. I didn't realize that the only way I was going to get where I wanted go was to stop comparing myself to others and find ways to combat that life sucking emotion.

"Comparison is not only the thief of joy it's the thief of inspiration"

-Dija Henry

I used to dream about acting in films that really inspired people but the more I compared myself to others the further that dream moved away. I was so focused on the wrong thing that my self-confidence, creativity and inspiration faded into oblivion. Every day I was trying to figure out what others were doing to find success but I didn't realize I was standing in my own way. I couldn't embrace my unique gifts because they weren't like the one's that seemed to be making all the moolah online. It wasn't until I took a long break from comparing myself to others that I started to get some clarity.

When I changed my mindset things began to open up like crazy! 

  • I started booking more acting and modeling work
  • I started creating short films
  • I've had two films premiere in Los Angeles
  • I've traveled to New York to perform my one person show
  • I've been able to write for magazines and other professional writing jobs
  • I was able to work with brands like Target and Hallmark to create content.

I was able to These things happened because I stoped comparing myself to others and started embracing my uniqueness. 

Don't compare your dreams with mine. Your vision of success will look different - and that OKAY!

(This is us at our premier for our film in Los Angeles)


Choosing to go on my own Comparison Cleanse and focus on embracing my unique gifts and talents changed my life...and gave me a lot more joy in the process. 

The Comparison Cleanse (1).png

The Comparison Cleanse is a 10 day audio course designed to help you develop tools to kick comparison and fear to the curb and build the confidence to let go of the status quo and embrace your own unique gifts and talents so you can walk in your own God given purpose.


Day One: Introduction + Receive all materials

  • We talk about what key characteristics an innovators and trailblazers need to walk in their purpose
  • I share a detailed and personal story from my own life about comparison from my book "I Dare you not to compare yourself to others"
  • We talk about the pitfalls of comparison

Day 2: The Challenge Begins

  • Today you will be challenged to take a few days off of social media
  • We talk about how to find your own path.

Day 3: Idols

  • Discover how idols can stand in your way of walking in your purpose and what can happen when you have the courage to get rid of them.

Day 4: Let's Get Jiggy Wit It

  • We start to dig deep on some practical ways to deal with comparison.

Day 5: Don't Be a Sucker

  • Today we reenter the world of social media but I'm going to give you some tips for guarding yourself against the pitfalls of comparison.

Day 6: This one is Key

  • I share my biggest trick for dealing with comparison. When I figured this out it changed my life.

Day 7: Do They Really Deserve it?

  • Today we deal with the not so lovely thoughts that might run through your head when you are faced with comparison.

Day 8: What if They Don't Like Me?

  • We all wonder what will happen if we put ourselves out there and go after our dreams boldly. I'll help walk you through ways to change your mindset and be brave.

Day 9: The Vampire

  • We go deeper to understand what comparison will do to you if unchecked.

Day 10: Chapters

  • Why do we compare our chapter one with someone else's chapter twenty? Today we look at why things sometimes don't turn out the way we want them to.

What people are saying about The Comparison Cleanse

"In a world where everyone is constantly comparing themselves to something or someone, Dija Henry's Comparison Cleanse course is just what is needed to help put things back into perspective. Her light-hearted way of getting you to dig deep, along with relevant scripture is very insightful. I loved this course!"

~Kela Price, Founder of Let's Get Mentally Fit Foundation

"...the topic speaks to me and the advice is practical.  I like the way you share your journey about how this came to be, how comparison played a part in pushing you forward (even if it meant taking a step back) and how you sometimes have to go outside your comfort zone to make changes - thank you for all of this! I can't wait to get my next email!"

-Beth Kelly

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do"  -Rob Siltanen

You could go out for a nice dinner. That would be cool. Then you would be hungry the next night. Or you can invest in yourself and gain the skills that will pay you back over and over again throughout your entire life. Even though it took me a decade to learn and reap the benefits of what I've learned I wanted to make this  accessible to my fellow creatives (because just like they sang on High School Musical - "We're all in this together."). You have to START somewhere, right?

Therefore I'm making the entire 10 day course + workbook + a digital copy of my book "I Dare You Not to Compare Yourself to Others" - available for only $47 total!

The Comparison Cleanse (1).png


  • The tools needed to deal with comparison immediately and not let it take over your life.
  • The confidence to help you walk in your purpose and create freely.
  • A renewed sense of inspiration in your work.
  • No more feeling like what you have to offer the world isn't good enough.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

-Ralph Emerson



How will I receive my lessons?

Each lesson will be sent to you via email along with a link to download the Comparison Cleanse workbook. 

Can I ask you questions during the e-course?

Absolutely! You can just hit reply and ask me any question you'd like.

When will I get my stuff?

Pretty immediately. Some email services take a little longer to deliver. Longer means 15 minutes on the internet. You will receive your workbook a free digital copy of my book "I Dare You Not to Compare Yourself to Others" along with a new audio every day.

Will this training really help me to gain a bunch of followers and get Insta famous?

No. But it will give you something valuable that will help you feel confident in who you are. As a result you will put out better content that will start to attract the right type of audience.

How much time will this take? I'm a busy person.

Each audio is 25 minutes or less. It's the perfect length to listen on a drive to work, cleaning the kitchen or working out at the gym. Each assignment should take between 5-15 minutes. You are investing in yourself and you are worth it!

"There are many points in life when we cannot see what awaits us around the corner, and it is precisely at such times, when our path forward is unclear, that we must bravely keep our nerve, resolutely putting one foot before the other as we march blindly into the dark." 

-The Hundred-Foot Journey

 I believe that you have something amazing to share with the world through your gifts and talents. Hopefully I'll see you inside The Comparison Cleanse!


Dija Henry