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We make movies that build a more compassionate society.

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Making an impact doesn’t have to be complicated

 Empathy comes through open communication. Without communications organizations crumble, families become broken and societies live in conflict. That is not the type of world anyone wants to live or raise children in. So what can you do?


You’re a visionary with big ideas and a desire to create a movement around those ideas. But you need a compelling way to share your vision, start conversations and make real impact.


There is no better way to a create movement than by telling stories. We believe movies are one of the best ways to do just that.

Let’s be honest. Throughout history change happens when someone spreads a message that inspires a person to take action…then another person and another person until you have a MOVEMENT. We want to support your vision by creating films that make people aware of your message so they can be stirred towards action.

We can help you go from rolling an idea around in your head to having a finished product that you can use to share your message and make a difference.


We listen to your ideas to produce a film that you can be proud of. We will also work with you to create a custom strategy to show your film and get people talking about your ideas.


The Creative Process

So how exactly do we help you get from an idea to a finished product?


first we listen to you

Listening is paramount to creating a result that feels authentic to you. First we sit down with you and listen to your amazing idea, taking lot’s of notes and imagining all the ways you’re going to make an impact.


next, we visualize your ideas and create a script

We take all of your ideas and create a story board to make sure that we really understand your vision. When the story board is approved we create a script to work off of as well as take care of all of the prep work. Next, we work on a strategy to show your film and create discussion around your ideas.


lights, camera, action…and impact

We’ll handle all of the production work to make your script come to life so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of filmmaking. Instead you can enjoy the process knowing your idea is in caring hands. After the film is completed we will implement the strategies for showing your film to your desired audience and creating important conversation around your movement.


Past projects

Here are a few of our past projects.

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Love, Jordan

Love, Jordan is a short film we wrote, directed and produced on the topic of suicide prevention. We were able to show this film to a wide audience of mental health professionals, have a screening attended by the Mayor and create discussion guides that families can use to talk to their children about mental health. This film is helping to remove the stigma of mental illness and raise awareness about this epidemic in our society.



Unity Park

This documentary was created for The Felege Hiywot Center which is a youth led urban farm that uses STEAM education to teach leadership skills. The kids recently were awarded a grant to change an abandoned lot into a park for the local residents. This is the story of how two generations came together to create something beautiful.

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The Immigrant and Refugee Service Corps

The 2017-2018 Immigrant and Refugee service corp volunteers had an amazing year together. They served over 1000 immigrants and refugees in the city of Indianapolis. The Blue House created a team building project using film to create an office style mockumentary about their ups and downs of being an Americorps volunteer. It helped the group to reflect on their journey, work on their creative skills, bond with their team and have fun.


 Would you like more information on how we can help you? We’d love to chat about how we can support your amazing vision.