After all you know this what you've been dreaming of doing you're whole life. And life is too short to keep waiting until someone else says you're ready.

 Maybe you've been doing all of the right things and still nothing is happening - you still feel stuck in your acting career. 

What if you could find a way to create an acting career that makes you happy?

You know...

  • An acting career where you feel confident before, during and even after auditions?

  • A career where you always have a new project in the pipeline and you're not at a loss for words at networking events.

  • A career where you are considered a peer in the professional entertainment community rather than a desperate and struggling artist.

  • A career where you get to work on projects that fill you with passion and allow you to be a participant in topics that matter most to you.


You don't have to be a famous Hollywood actor or have Jennifer Lawrence's agent to have a fulfilling acting career. 


  • You're just starting out pursuing your dream as an actor.

  • You're raising a family and working a survival job to make ends meet.

  • You live in a smaller market outside of LA or NY or Chicago.



All you need is...

  •  A willingness to step outside the traditional acting career path box (I'll bet this has already crossed your mind)

  • A step by step plan to help you create your own project to let your acting chops shine so you can get noticed and on your way to your big break.


Hi, my name is Dija Henry and not too long ago I was EXACTLY where you are now. I remember my first college audition as I stood on stage looking out into the dark audience thinking to myself "So from now on I'm supposed to ask permission to do what I love? This is ridiculous!" Fast forward into the real world post graduation and I got hit with the reality that "Yes, Dija. You have to audition and actually wait to get casted in projects to act." To add injury to insult many of the paying jobs were for projects that didn't get my heart racing with excitement. I did every thing I could in order to move my career forward. I would search the internet for auditions, go to networking events, and try desperately to connect with those who I thought could cast me in films. It was so frustrating to feel like I WASN'T in control of my own career.

The crazy thing is that somewhere deep down inside I STILL BELIEVED that even though I didn't live in a large market, and was a mom and wife, I could still have an acting career that fulfilled me. I wanted to be an artist that was not only a leader but used her artistic talents to change the world. I longed to be part of projects that really meant something to me.

One day, in a flash everything changed when I was commissioned to write a play for a local mission who had lost one of their young teens to gun-violence. Writing, producing, directing and acting in this play for 3 years would change our community and change my life forever.

I would continue to explore my artistic voice by writing and producing over 250 Youtube videos over the next several years. Soon I created my first web series and wrote and produced a one woman show that would eventually travel to New York. I continued by writing, producing and acting in two short films - both of which premiered in Los Angeles where I would walk the red carpet with my team realizing a childhood dream.


This year I've booked more acting work then any previous year of my professional career...EVAH.

I soon realized that the most meaningful acting experiences weren't happening because I was waiting for my agent to call or someone to cast me. They were happening because I was taking control of my acting career by gaining confidence through self producing!

I soon realized that I was encouraging my actor friends to explore the world of self producing instead of waiting around for the phone to ring. I was passionate about the power of creating my own work - I found my calling.

"Self producing is not about being egotistical, it's about giving yourself freedom to be the artist you know you were created to be and using that art to make something amazing to share with the world."

-Dija Henry

I used to dream about acting in films that really inspired people. I remember praying and asking God to help me learn how to make films. I live in an area where there aren't any formal filmmaking schools. I was a wife and a mom to three young children so there wasn't an option to drop everything and move somewhere across the country to learn filmmaking. I couldn't even leave for a few days let alone weeks without one of the kids getting sick from their many MANY allergies. So I read everything I could about filmmaking, I went to every workshop and seminar I could find. I observed and asked questions on every set I could.

But nothing could replace the education I got by just taking the leap and CREATING my own films.

(and making mistakes along the way)

Self Producing literally changed the trajectory of my entire acting career. Because of self producing, I was able to gain more confidence and as a result become a sought after professional in my local industry, build my resume and expand my network. Literally while I was creating this page a fellow filmmaker emailed me and offered me a role in his next feature film. He's a filmmaker that spoke at  a film festival where both of our films were shown. I found out through a friend that he even told the audience that I was one of the local producers that he admired. He not only saw me as a peer but got to see my acting abilities that highlighted my talent and as a result got me casted in a professional feature film - all because I took the leap of self producing.

I'm passionate about using this method as a way to create an acting career that you can LOVE every step of the way to becoming a star. 

You could continue to...

  • Pay to attend CD workshops in which you can't guarantee if you'll get casted to star in their next film or television project.
  • Pay to attend some big conference where you're promised to get in front of major casting directors - but still can't guarantee you a role.
  • Stalk and harass filmmakers and directors in hopes that they will cast you and risk coming off as a desperate actor or actress.


  • Learn to create your own work to highlight your strengths as an actor or actress.
  • Build your confidence through self-producing and increase your knowledge and skill level on how movies are actually made.
  • Gain access to filmmakers, casting directors and producers so you can make connections that will actually pay off.
  • Navigate auditions better because you know exactly what the people on the other side of the table are thinking.
  • Build credibility that allows you to be seen as a professional and peer rather creating a gap between you and the very people you need to connect with to move your career forward.
  • HAVE FUN on the journey to becoming a star!

I know what it feels like to be stuck when it comes to an acting career. I know that the learning curve for producing can seem like a steep hill that goes on forever. It totally sucks. I also know that actors have the ability to create amazing characters that reflect their individuality and uniqueness that really resonate with an audience more than any other industry creative. I believe that you have an amazing story to tell and I want to help you do that. That's why I decided to create...


This is a step-by-step plan to help you create your very own short film in 6 weeks! 

We all know the person who has been working on a screenplay for the last several years. Maybe it's the guy who has been in post production forever or the gal who keeps talking on and on about her really cool movie idea, BUT NEVER ACTUALLY FINISHES ANYTHING.

 But that's not going to be you if you enroll in the Self Producing Short Film Bootcamp.

I understand that producing work from the perspective of an actor or an actress is very different than creating a movie as a filmmaker, writer or producer. There are specific nuances that are particular to the needs of someone using this method to push their acting career forward. You are looking to create a vehicle to get you noticed and on your way to your big break as an actor and actress and self producing can do that for you, just like it has done for me!


Lesson 1: Discover your next great idea

  • Discover the best character that will highlight your strengths as an actor or actress so that you really get the benefit of the work you put into creating your short film.

  • Cut down on the learning curve by discovering the production rules to help you create your film on time and on budget.

  • Find out what is the best genre for your movie so you create a solid story to showcase your acting chops. 

Lesson 2: Write your script

  • You will come up with a log line for your script so that you can use it to guide your story as you write and efficiently communicate your vision to your team.

  • Learn the correct structure and formatting for your script so you present a professional story to your cast and production team.

  • Learn how to create intriguing dialogue and action without boring your audience to tears.

Lesson 3: Break down the script

  • Learn how to break down your script so you can determine your script's specific needs regarding budget, locations, schedules and more.

  • Discover how to build a team so that your production runs smoothly and most of all you can HAVE FUN!

  • Find out tips and tricks that will make casting your film a breeze.

  • Key things to keep in mind when scouting locations so you don't end up with roadblocks during production.

Lesson 4: Prepare to shoot your film

  • Learn how to build a shoot schedule so that you can stay organized and make your day.

  • Build a story board so that you never miss a shot.

  • Learn the process for gathering props, equipment, people for your project so you aren't coming up short when it's time to get on set.

Lesson 5: Tell your story visually

  • How to tell your story through the camera, lights and sound of your script so you can add artistic elements to your film.

  • Understanding set etiquette so that your shoot days can run smoothly and you can start building that professional reputation.

  • Learn leadership skills so that you can direct your team and be productive every shoot day.

Lesson 6: Post production

  • Find out what programs are available to edit your film as well as basic editing techniques to help build the pacing and flow of your film.

  • How to find music without copyright infringement so you won't put yourself in a position to be sued.

  • Leverage your film to build credits on IMDb so you can build credibility in the professional acting world. 

"I realized that if I wanted to get the roles I really wanted I needed to make them myself."  -Mark Wahlburg

Even celebrities understand that the importance of creating their own work so they can let their talent shine. The struggle happens at any stage of your career. Mark Wahlburg completely changed how we viewed him as an actor by getting his hands on projects early on enough to shape them. More and more actors are creating their own production companies from Tom Cruise, to Drew Barrymore, and Reese Witherspoon.

Shows like Broad City, The Mindy Project, Insecure and 30 Rock are being created, produced and starred in by actors (actresses in this case). Actors that are getting to tell the stories THEY want to tell in a way that highlights THEIR talents to the world.

You could go out for a nice dinner at Red Lobster. That would be nice. Then you would be hungry the next night. Or you can invest in yourself and gain the skills that will pay you back over and over again throughout your entire acting career. Even though it took me a decade to learn and reap the benefits of what I've learned I wanted to make this bootcamp accessible to my fellow actors and actress (because just like they sang on High School Musical - "We're all in this together."). You have to START somewhere, right? Therefore I'm making the entire 6 week bootcamp - the bonus marketing class and the online film festival where you can showcase your work - available for only $197 total!


  • A repeatable step by step method for self producing short films so that you can use it for future projects

  • Your very own self produced short film that you can leverage for your career and showcase your work

  • Exposure in an online film festival to build credibility (plus film festivals are fun!)

  • New friends that you can potentially collaborate with in the future

  • Better marketing tools to help you as you move forward in your acting career

  • Tips for marketing your film online so that you can create buzz around your career

  • And So much more!

"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse

Pursuing a creative career is not for the faint of heart. It takes determination and drive. It also takes a creative spirit to take a leap of faith into the unknown. You've probably tried all of the traditional ways of making headway in your acting career and discovered that you need to find a way to take control of it before it drives you batty. I've found that the BEST and MOST REWARDING way is through self production. I literally was offered a paid principal role in a feature film simply because a well respected filmmaker saw my acting chops in a self produced short film at a local festival!

If you want to truly MOVE FORWAD with this method you need a step-by-step plan to get you there - and you don't have to do it alone. The truth is that if you had figured out how to make major moves in your career or even create your own film you would have done it by now.

Don't let the overwhelming fear of producing a film be another one of those things you wish for but didn't actually do. For less than the cost of a dinner at Red Lobster with a friend you can set yourself up to benefit from the confidence that self producing can create in your acting career. Creating my own work has allowed me to do so many amazing things as well as build a foundation for a career that I can actually enjoy and be proud of. Saying enough is enough and taking that plunge into creating my own work is the BEST gift I've given to myself. What's stopping you from doing the same for yourself? Take advantage of this offer and join the Self Producing Bootcamp today!



If you buy now you will get some awesome bonuses!

Bonus 1 - Access to a Private Facebook Group

We work in one of the MOST collaborative fields out there so it would make sense that we have a way to communicate outside of class, right? When you register you will get instant access to a private Facebook Group exclusively for members of the Self Producing Short Film Boot camp. Share your work and get feedback from fellow class mates as well as ask questions in between the live trainings.

Bonus 2 - Online Film Festival

I'm SO EXCITED about this particular bonus! Now that you've completed your short film what do you do with it? How can you leverage all of the work you've done to actually build your credibility? One of the great traditions of getting eyes on your work is through film festivals. After creating your first short film it may seem daunting to jump into the film festival circuit right away so why not get a s

Bonus 3 - Marketing Module

So you've made your film but how do you get eyes on your work? The short film marketing module will help you lay out a simple strategy to get your short film seen.




When does the boot camp start and what's included?

The boot camp will start after the holidays in January of 2017. You will receive orientation materials when you register so that you can get be ready to rock when the new year starts. The boot camp is a 6 week course that will contain 6 live video trainings as well as special worksheets that will be available before the start of each class. All classes will take place in the evenings. However, not to worry if you can't make it for a session - I will give you access to the recordings so you can watch them on your own time.

I don't own a fancy camera. Do I have to buy equipment?

No. However I will share different packages of items you can purchase that I've used first hand if you desire to purchase equipment. However, for this bootcamp you need to have a smart phone and a way to edit your footage. 

How do I participate in the bootcamp?

Each module will take place in the evening as a Youtube live video. You will be able to ask questions through a live chat during the classes.

When will I get my stuff?

After purchasing you will immediately receive orientation materials and worksheets to help you prepare for class in January of 2017. 

Will this training really help me to self produce my own work and take control of my acting career?

YES! If you follow each training and do the assignments you will have a finished product that will empower you in your acting career. Please remember that what you get out of it is what you put into it so put 110% of effort in!

How much time will this take? I'm a busy person.

I know, I know! We live in a super busy time, don't we? But investing in yourself and this career that you love so much will pay you back in immeasurable ways like it did for me. Each live training will last for 1-1.5 hours depending on the questions. If you can't make it live you can watch it on your own time. Outside of listening to the live classes you will have assignments to complete. These assignments can take as little or as much time as you want it to depending on your project. However I would plan to spend at least 2-3 hours outside of the live trainings on "homework". During your week of filming and post - production you can expect to spend several hours a day working...but again this is based on your specific screenplay, team and level of experience. 

"There are many points in life when we cannot see what awaits us around the corner, and it is precisely at such times, when our path forward is unclear, that we must bravely keep our nerve, resolutely putting one foot before the other as we march blindly into the dark." 

-The Hundred-Foot Journey

I would love to help you create your first or next short film so that you can build confidence and take control of your acting career. I believe that you have something amazing to share with the world through your art. Hopefully I'll see you inside the boot camp!

Are you ready for your close up?


Dija Henry