Get Inspired

I Dare You Not to Compare Yourself to Others takes a deep dive into the issues that cause us to constantly compare ourselves to others while exploring ways to break free of the cycle. Stop spending time focusing on what other people are doing and embrace the person you were handcrafted to be. Get inspired to shake off the chains of comparison and live in the freedom of knowing who you are. Like jump out of bed and do a happy dance every morning kind of freedom. This book is not going to solve all your problems, make you more money or give you glowing skin. But it will radically change your perspective on life. (Who knows? After a changed perspective you might get that glowing skin after all!) This book is for those who yearn for a richer life. Individuals who want to quit comparison and start thriving in their own gifts and talents. If this is you-get ready to redefine life as you know it.