Moving Still


(Run time 11 minutes)

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A grieving couple is estranged because of a loss of a child. The only problem is they still have one living who needs them.


We shot Moving Still for the 168 Project and received nominations for Best Actor and Best Original Score. We were challenged to base a script off of Luke 4:17-21

God truly showed up in this project as there were testimonies present in all aspects. The story itself was inspired by the Executive Producer's own experience with losing a child. We were floored with the amount of people that came together to volunteer for the project. When we found out we got nominations we threw up a Gofundme page and raised the exact amount needed. Our Executive Producer lost his job weeks before filming and God provided every need for his family. I ended up in the hospital due to complications of MS and was let go 1 week before the Premiere. But God gave me strength! We walked the red carpet only a block from the VMA's showcasing a powerful story and seeing our film premiere in Los Angeles.

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