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If you've been working really hard at business, a project, or your dream and you're feeling kind of...blah this little book will get you inspired again.

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Finding clarity in your personal brand isn't always as simple as many marketers make it. In this little book I share my personal story to finding clarity along with my top resources that helped me a long the way.

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An African proverb tells children to run towards the roar because it's actually the best bet for making it out alive when you see a lion. I take that principle and apply it to making forward movement in life. Check out this three day course that will change your life...FOREVER.


Why are you hiding? You have so much to offer the world! In this download I share a brief history of how I started creating content online 10 yeas ago and how it changed my life. I also share the exact process I go through in developing content. Lastly I share all of the tools I use to make my content awesome so you can make awesome content too!

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I created the Comparison Cleanse Manifesto to give you positive affirmations you can use whenever you are feeling discouraged or unsure about your journey to walking in your purpose. There's no time for comparison when you've got so many goals to crush.