Why we go through hard stuff


This weekend is the anniversary of an event that changed my life and my family's life forever. It's not something I want to harp on for negative reasons. It's quite the opposite. I want to never forget what God has done for myself and my family.

If you are going through hard things and you're not sure why it's happening please trust that there is a reason for it and sometimes that reason takes a while to reveal it self. In this video I shared that hard thing that my family went through three years ago as well as three things that I learned from going through it.

1. I learned Empathy

I've always considered myself an overly compassionate person. I have a practice of trying to put myself in other people's shoes. I am an actress after all! But this event took my empathy to another level. Going through things that are hard helps us to understand the hard things that others are going through. One reason that people are able to do and say vile things to one another is because of a lack of empathy. It's easy to say people are making excuses or being lazy when we don't really understand what their challenges are. When we understand each other's perspectives we can actually make forward movement in this life and our relationships.

2. My relationship with my family got better

Hard circumstances will either draw you closer or push you apart. I'm happy to say that it drew us closer...over time. At first my husband and I were licking our own wounds. We were trying to make sense of what happened and process the event in our own way. We didn't really know how to be open with each other about our feelings and our needs. Over time we were forced to deal with our pain and start the healing process together. In the end it made our marriage stronger and our family stronger.

3. My relationship with God grew

I was dealing with PTSD after this event really badly. To the point where I didn't even want to be around any more. God reminded me of my dream...the dream that He put in my heart. It was noble like saying I wanted to be around for my kids or my husband - it was this little tiny dream that I've been holding onto since I was old enough to even know what it was. I had to rely on the fact that He loved me and had good plans for me to help me and not to harm me. My Father wanted me to keep holding on to Him and His promise for my life. I used to be a person who thought God would forget me. But I learned that I'm (and you) are always top of mind for Him.

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