video: What Comparison Really Means


It never seems to get any easier when it comes to comparison, does it?

We live in an amazing time of technology with great opportunities to build our own audiences and chase our big dreams but along with that comes other things as well. Comparison is a huge deterrent that happens with all of us no matter how successful we may be. I've heard people who seem to have it all say they struggle with feelings of comparison and fear.  But we have to remember that all of us have people who compare themselves with us just like we compare ourselves to others. It's one big crazy cycle and I for one, want it to stop. 

I used to struggle with comparison on a huge level. It was so bad it caused me to stop doing the things I love and it started to suck the joy out of my life. It was totally ridiculous as I think back on how I let something have so much power over my life. I had to stop and get a fresh perspective, refocus and deepen my relationship with God. I did so much work on myself that I wrote an entire book on the subject sharing my personal story with comparison. But there is still SO MUCH more to learn about this subject that robs so many people of their joy and inspiration. I really feel there will be a wave of people throwing comparison to the wind and deciding to go forward regardless of their fears. I believe that people will start to encourage one another to keep going after their dreams and celebrate all of their least I plan on being "those people" for you.

In this video, I share a profound thought shared by a fellow YouTuber that I really enjoy watching. Her name is Andrea Lewis and she is an actress and filmmaker. She shares amazing videos on her channel. Please check her out.

Are you interested in my book? You can check it out here.

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I created the Comparison Cleanse Manifesto to give you positive affirmations you can use whenever you are feeling discouraged or unsure about your journey to walking in your purpose. There's no time for comparison when you've got so many goals to crush.

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