video: 3 Ways to (Really) Let Go


When you hear the phrase "Let go and Let God" what comes to mind? Is it just finishing projects and getting things off of your plate? Is it about letting go of toxic people or learning to say no?

Those are all valid and wonderful ways to look at letting go but there is still more under the surface. In 2017 I felt God calling me into a time of letting go. For the first few months, yes it was about letting go of projects and  people but then He really started to go deeper and root out some mindsets that I needed to let go of. I really believe that this long, lonely, unsure time was meant to prepare me for what was and is to come in my future. I don't think I would've been ready to receive the things that God had for me if I hadn't gotten a better grasp of what letting go really meant.

In order to receive what I needed to learn I had to let go of what I thought I knew. In this video I share three things I learned about (really) letting go.

1. Let go of the Outcome

Let go of trying to always be in control of how things will turn out at the end of the day. There is no way to know 100% if you will get the results that you want anyway! The only thing that you need to worry about is the thing you are doing RIGHT NOW. Trust that God's word is true - that He has plans for us to help us and not to harm us. Trust that the outcome will be what it's supposed to be to benefit you as a whole regardless of what it is and you will find that a lot of stress falls off of your shoulders.

2. Let go of Impatience

Being a first born, ambitious, passionate individual who wants to change the world RIGHT NOW, I totally understand that this is easier said than done. It requires a lot of practice. (Maybe that's why God invented toddlers and teenagers.) Make patience a daily practice in the small things so that when the large things cross your path you can apply what you've learned. I repeat - make patience a daily practice. Go deeper and assess your level of trust in God. His timing is perfect even though it's not our timing all the time. Think back on your life when timing mattered! Trust that He knows when you will be prepared to receive the blessings that are already yours.

3. Take responsibility for your own happiness

This took me a looooong time to figure out. As women we tend to wait for someone else to make us happy. We aren't really taught that it's okay to go out and be happy. Men will do whatever they need to be happy in a heartbeat while we sacrifice our happiness on the cross of taking care of everyone else's happiness but our own. As my children are all heading towards the teenager years I realize that I have to model this lesson especially for my daughters. Instead of doing everything to make everyone else happy encourage them to find ways to be happy on their taking responsibility for your own happiness. Ask yourself where your joy comes from. Is it your spouse, your kids, perfect friendships? When things shift around you does your joy shift as well? For me my joy really has to come from the Lord. He is the only thing in existence that is constant and unconditionally loves us. Now that is something to be happy about!

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