Gain More Confidence With This One Trick

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Remember that song Kermit the Frog used to sing called  “Bein’ Green”?

He sang the song to lament his green coloring and how ordinary he felt. He passionately shared how he would blend into everything in nature and not stand out. But at the end of the song he began to embrace who he was and come to a place of self-acceptance.

I think as creatives – and especially busy, sometimes overwhelmed, creatives - we can relate to this song in many ways. Maybe you feel like you don’t have anything unique to share. Maybe you feel hindered by the cards that were handed to you in life. But either way it’s a journey for many creative people (including myself) to come to a place of self – acceptance where we embrace our multi-passionate, creative, sensitive, wonderfully strange selves.

I know first hand the struggle that many creative individuals go through as they try to find themselves, find their style, find their creative niche or just find their confidence. I’ve been there. That frustrating place of where confidence is just not showing up. That place where you want to do so much but you keep feel like you’re falling short.

Until I figured out this one thing to help me gain more confidence.

But first let’s meet the characters that seem to hang around while you struggle to gain more confidence to go after your dreams and pursue your passions.


Doubt walks around with her head down, shoulders slumped and feet dragging. Her hair is a little flat because she doesn’t think that she would even know how to do it if she tried even though she watched a billion hair tutorials on youtube.

Doubt shows up at the most awkward times possible! After you’ve started creating and things seem to be going well. All of a sudden you look up and Doubt is there, staring back at you. Doubt loves to show up right before a launch of a product or event too. She really gets moving for that. Doubt might even nudge you while you are sleeping. Waking you up to soul sucking thoughts at the most inconvenient times.


Fear has two heads. One that he likes to just keep around with big eyes and fangs and fire. Fear makes a lot of noise. Especially right before you sit down to create or want to tell someone about your great idea. When that isn’t working fear rears it’s other head.

In the past Fear’s other head used other tactics before technology like – well – the lack of technology to the "would be go getters". But fear stays up with the times. It’s the age of the internet after all.

You might not recognize fear’s other head. I’ll give you a hint. It has another name.


The one that is not too ugly. The one that kind of looks beautiful. It shows you beautiful pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, and sings you songs of tweets and notifications to you on your smart phone. Distraction will actually use anything it can to keep you unfocused in what you are trying to accomplish in life. When Distraction fails it calls it’s really cool cousin…


Comparison walks in smelling good, looking good, and sounding good. Comparison has it ALL together. Need a new gluten free recipe? Comparison can make it and make it in 30 minutes. Feeling like you can’t lose the weight you need to? Comparison’s got the body you need to shoot for. Not getting anywhere in your business? Comparison has just guest starred on Ellen and wants to tell you all about it.

If that’s not bad enough Comparison has just finished a 4 week long mission trip in Ghana and simultaneously created a full length feature documentary and accompanying devotional on doing mission trips of your own.

Comparison is making you feel waaay less spiritual.


Oh wait? Who is that? You run to the door of your heart and it’s…



Pride and Comparison give each other hugs and do their little special sorority greeting full of hand shakes, and shoulder shakes and excited high pitched words in Greek vernacular that you cannot understand. They start to exchange old inside jokes while you look on seething.

You want to think of something great that you’ve done lately so you grab your phone and get a few selfies with your friends (Comparison and Pride that is) and post on Instagram how you’re meeting with your buddies working on great stuff!

Then it sinks in.

Hours have passed and you didn’t get anything done. Everything and everyone else held your attention. You are overwhelmed with what steps to take to achieve your goals. And underneath it all you know that the life you portray is not your real life.

You want things to start being aligned inside and out.

I told this story to just let you know that I understand because I’ve been there. Actually I get visitors from all of these characters all the time. But when I discovered this little trick I started getting visits from them a little less frequently.

So here’s the not so secret secret.

Just be.

Just accept where you are at.

Know there is a journey.

Realize this truth.

I am enough.

Let me say that again.

I AM enough.

Know that you are enough. Seriously. Tell yourself that. Say it to yourself.

Do you notice your shoulder’s relaxing? Can you breath a little deeper?

I AM enough.

God called himself I AM when Moses asked Him who should he tell Pharaoh that sent him to tell the Israelite to be let go of bondage.

God told Moses to tell Pharaoh I AM sent you.

So God is enough.

When you feel weak, He is strong. When you feel inadequate His grace is sufficient. We were not meant to walk through this life alone without God. You were not created to be the be all end all of everything. All of us have shortcomings. When Jesus died He left the third person of God, the Holy Spirit, to be with us. To comfort us and to guide us.

God is not surprised by our inadequacies. Those times are the PERFECT times to ask God for help and to pray for wisdom.

So remember when the door to your heart is being knocked on by Pride, Comparison, Distraction and Fear. Tell yourself I AM enough. I am enough. Get refocused and trust that the creative process is in His hands.

The interesting thing is when you remove those toxic relationships you make room for a nicer set of companions.

Instead of Pride you get Authentic.

Instead of Comparison you’ll start getting Creative

Instead of Distracted you’ll get Innovative and Focused

Instead of Fear you’ll get Faith

I know that it’s easier said than done. It’s a process for sure. Just start with knowing:

I am enough because I AM is enough.

BTW if you're's Kermit's song. Peace out, homie.


Resources: 2 Corinthians 12:9Romans 3:23John 1:1John 14:15-31