Lost Premiere

This past weekend was amazing! In addition to the leaves turning all kinds of gorgeous colors we had the premiere of Lost! We had a really good turn out and lots of support for the film. It's always nerve racking to see a film for the first time with an audience but this audience was so awesome! I know it must sound crazy if you're not an actor to hear that actors don't always know what the entire film looks like. As an actor you really come in just to do the scenes that you are needed for and otherwise, you are not on set. So it was really cool to see the entire film come together. 

Lost is a film about family and moving forward from the curve balls that life throws us. The audience laughed and cried and had really great questions at the end to ask. My 12 year old even threw her two cents in! lol!

Overall it was a great evening. My favorite part of making movies other than telling stories is the relationships that you develop throughout the filming process. The cast and crew were amazing to work with and I learned so much during the process.

On the red carpet each of us did interviews with local media. I'll tell you the question that threw me off most wasn't the ones about the film or what I learned during the process, but the one about my dress. I had no idea how to answer "what inspired my look tonight.". I totally blanked and said "I chose the one that fit." Then I inwardly face palmed myself. I guess you have to be ready for ANYTHING on the red carpet! 

I'm working on some really cool stuff for you guys. It should be unleashed next month so stay tuned!

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