What are You Waiting for to Get Started on Your Dream?


Do you have a list of things that you want to accomplish in your life? Is this list growing and growing as the days go on and you just don’t have enough time to do them?

I’m talking about dreams baby. The dream to write a book or start a blog or start a business? Is there something burning in your heart to do and you keep getting caught up on the how?

  • How am I going to fit this in to my schedule?
  • How should I start this thing?
  • What is the right way to start this thing?
  • Is it okay if I start it now?
  • Will people like it?

Just writing those words causes a little anxiety with a touch of frustration for even myself.

When it really comes down to it many of us are asking for permission to do the thing that we want to do. We want someone to say it’s okay to start, or you’re good enough to start. But the truth is as adults that’s probably not going to happen for most of us. There isn’t a “you’re good enough” fairy that flies around and taps you on the shoulder with her unicorn shaped magical wand and endows you with the confidence to start.

Sorry if I busted your fairy tale bubble.

But we all have to face reality at some point.

In this case I think reality is a little bit sweeter.


Because in reality you can do something without someone giving you the green light.

Now let’s be realistic. You can’t buy a house if the mortgage company doesn’t give you a green light on your application. You can’t engage in underwater basket weaving classes unless your doctor says it’s okay. You probably can’t go up on stage and grab an Oscar if you didn’t actually win it.

But I’m talking about things that have to do with you getting out of your own way no matter what that looks like! You can start a blog, you can start a podcast, you can write a book, you can shoot a film. You can do that thing that’s been burning inside of you for so long.

The thing that gets us all stumped is the scope as to which we think we should be doing something. If you want to paint then paint. But don’t tell yourself you have to paint the next Mona Lisa.

Just freakin’ pick up a brush and paint.

If you want to start selling your handmade shoe horns, see if you can sell a few online or at a craft fair. But don’t feel like you have to be the next Zappos in one day.

I learned this very valuable lesson recently.

See one of my dreams is to write books.

As I got into this blogging thing I started to believe that I couldn’t do anything successfully unless I built up this amazing following on my blog and social media channels. I was working so hard in order to get the following I thought I needed to justify doing what I wanted.

But one day I was laying in bed feeling all kinds of frustration and I realized I was being totally ridiculous! I remembered something so vital to debunking my silly theories that I literally felt like the hugest dork ever.

People have been writing books for ages.

Like before the internet ages.

Like before blogging.

Before social media.

Before telephones even.

(I know. Don’t laugh)

It’s sounds super obvious, right? 

But there is no police officer standing in front of google docs asking me how many subscribers I have. The fact is I have a dream and that’s enough.

Well almost.

I have the work ethic needed to write a book. After writing almost 600 blog posts, creating 250 videos, writing plays, screenplays and essays; I think I can grind out a book. Even if it’s a short one.

So I did.

I started on a little e-book that was about 10 pages.

Then I wrote something a little longer.

And then I finally wrote the book that’s been sitting in me for a while now.

I worked using older material I had written and worked it over filling in missing pieces, editing, and rewriting for a month straight. I worked every SINGLE day that I could for hours to get it done. I did it without a million followers on social media, I did it without a publishing house, I did it without asking permission.

I did however have encouragement from my closest friend (my husband) and my editor and new friend Krista Dunbar from (Woven and Threaded Consulting).

I wrote from my heart and what set it on fire. 

The book is called "I Dare You Not to Compare Yourself to Others." and it's now available on Amazon! 

What are you waiting on today to get started? Start small - but start today.