3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Clarity and Be Great


Many times when you start a business or project you are really excited about it. You have a ton of ideas, you have a mission and you have a strong belief for what you providing or creating. After awhile the day to day tasks and challenges can start to take precedence over your passion and the bottom line becomes the top dog. When that happens it's always important to go back to the beginning and find your center again. But how do you do that?

3 Questions to Help You Find Clarity and Be Great.

Over the last last few years I've was struggling with finding focus with my work online. Everyone always would say find a niche and focus on writing for that niche. Find your audience and write for that audience. While those piece of advice are really important I felt like those pieces of advice took ME out of the equation. As a creative person it's almost impossible for me to separate myself from the things I create. And if you have an artist's heart you are probably the same way too. I want to take the core of who I am, what I’m passionate about and create a focus around that. This way I can still feel excited and inspired to write and create.

In one of the online groups I was in a few years ago someone suggested watching Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk called: Start With Why-How Great Leaders Inspire Action.


This was well worth the 20 minutes it took to watch this video. It really dialed in on a perspective that I think is present in all humans but just not well articulated. He simply broke down what separates the greats from the “meh”. Seems like common sense that the “why”  in what you are doing or selling is the most important thing in being effective, doesn’t it?  But sometimes we need to be reminded and given a clear strategy for not forgetting or why in the future, and identifying what makes the “why” disappear.

After processing for another 30 minutes I came up with a new mission statement for the work I was currently doing at the time on my blog.

The questions I had to go back to is:

1. What do I believe?

  • What are your core beliefs and world views? What is your perspective on life? What is most important to you? What beliefs will you not compromise no matter what?

2. Why is that believe important?

  • How does this belief help others? What's is so invaluable about maintaining this belief?

3. What do I do to help others?

  • What is your business? What is your vehicle to deliver your belief/dream/message to others?

All of a sudden things started to fall into place and I felt more authentic in my goals and more inspired to create products that follow that belief system. So what I’m created feels genuine and from the heart. (That stuff is important to me.)


I also wanted to share a video from Marie Forleo where she shares an experience she had on a visit to Morocco with her husband when they went to purchase a rug. She knew that she didn’t need the rug but the owner of the rug shop reminded her that you aren’t buying a rug with your mind you are buying it with your heart. The rug was going to be a reminder of her trip as well as a way to have a piece of Moroccan art in their home.

What to check out Simon Sinek's video as well? It'll change how you think for real!