How to Discover Your Dream


I was listening to a periscope the other day and it was super inspiring. The speaker, who was a successful business man who owned a clothing company, was talking about the importance of not listening to people with broke mindsets. Surprisingly, he didn’t mean broke financially but broken spiritually and in maturity.

During the scope, someone asked the question: How do you find out what your dreams are?

The speaker responded with praying to God for direction.

While I totally agree with this answer 100% I also felt burdened for the person that asked the question. As a young person I would marvel at how others around me seemed to know exactly what their dreams were. My sister knew she wanted to be a doctor, my mom knew she wanted to be in ministry, friends knew they wanted to be filmmakers…but I had no idea.

And I didn’t know how to find out.

I was interested in so many different things that it would make me spin my wheels  all the time.

I discovered my dreams and passions finally after years of searching but I wanted to condense those years and just give you a few tips on how you can discover your dreams if you feel like they’ve been lost or buried under years of just surviving the grind of life.

1. Get them out of your head. Your dreams that is.

I really believe that we know what are dreams are deep down inside but we’ve lost the clarity over time. Adulthood and responsibilities can pour layers of fog over our dreams and cause us to lose sight of something that once was so clear. The challenge now is to be able to articulate that dream in the midst of the practical constraints we have learned to adopt over time.

I would suggest going into a room by yourself and start talking. Talk to yourself about the things that you dream about doing, seeing, and experiencing. If you don’t want to write them out, you can journal out your thoughts.

You need to open the can of old dreams and let them out of your head so that you can hear or see them in front of you. It’s amazing how powerful this step can be.

2. Travel Back in Time.

Obviously you can’t really do this but I want you to consider getting quiet again and traveling back in time mentally.

Think back to your child hood and remember what you used to love doing most. What kinds of things would you do that would cause time to just fly by becauase you were having so much fun. Imagine those scenarios as clearly as you can and write those things down in your journal.

Ask yourself what you wanted to be when you grew up? What was the first thing that popped into your mind before you gave the answer you thought you were supposed to give when people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up. Then ask yourself what characteristics about that occupation got your so fired up as a kid.

For example: if it was to be an astronaut was it because you loved space, or exploration? Maybe you just loved science or even science fiction? Think about the peripheral interests around that occupation.

3. What's most important to you now?

Now that you got to spend some time down memory lane, come back to your current situation and ask yourself what is really important to you now in life? Maybe you love to volunteer at an animal shelter or even spend time with the shut-in. Maybe you just love telling stories or fashion.

Think about are the most important things in your life now that you couldn’t do without.

4. Travel to the future.

I know, I know. You just got back from the past and now I'm sending you to the future. But just go with me on this.

Take some time to daydream about the best future for yourself looks like? As yourself what your ideal day looks like?

Courtney at Think and Grow Chick had this amazing exercise in which she asked us to think about our ideal day. She encouraged us to think outside of the box and let our imaginations fly. Regardless of your current situation, your current financial means, your current anything – imagine your perfect day.

Write it down starting with what you would do when you woke up to what you would have for lunch and what you would do when you went to sleep at night. Who were you with? Where did you go? What were you wearing?

Write it out like a story if you have to in order to bring it to life!

Now read it to yourself and notice any surprises that might pop up.

Now you have an arsenal of clues to help you figure out how to discover your dream!

After you’ve collected all of these clues you really have to look around your life and see how you can start touching on areas that you mentioned in all of these exercises. Is there a local fashion show you can attend? Maybe you’ve wanted to own  your own business – brainstorm some business ideas! What if you’ve always wanted to travel to another country? Start a Pinterest board for that country and investigate what it would cost to take that dream trip?

I’ve learned in my life that if you take the NEXT CLEAR step, then the next clear step is revealed.

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