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I always say that the first couple months of the new year seem to go by so fast and it has! We're already into March and I'm feeling good. How about you?

I wanted to start a new series where at the beginning of every month I share what I'm currently into. this was inspired by this journal by Create 365.

I found this journal at our local grocery store of all places and I felt like it just called out to me. I loved the cover and I thought it really spoke to how I was feeling at the time. I still feel that way now...

At the start of every month there is a page to fill out what you are currently doing as well as some monthly goals. I'm a person that can get overwhelmed easily with too much so I like that it's simple and light hearted. My goals range from personal to professional goals.

I've always been a goal oriented person since I was really little. I don't know why but I just get so excited and energized by setting goals and accomplishing them. Sometimes I've found myself writing down goals after I've achieved them just so I can cross them off.

I know - it's a little weird.

But we're all weird in some way right? So own it!

And since I'm sharing my goals with you I figured I should also share some goal getting tips with you. Some tips you might have already heard but it never hurts to revisit things with more mature ears, right?

Think smaller

I'm not saying don't go for your big goals or lower your standards or anything. I'm just saying bring it down a rung on the goal setting ladder. That way you'll be able to climb that rung and get to the next one, ya feel me?

I hat to admit it but I thought I was doing this and had to realize that I really wasn't. I was getting so anxious about my bigger goals that I was breaking them down in to a million smaller pieces and then making my new goal accomplishing a million smaller things! UGH! It was just a vicious cycle. I had to reduce my bigger goal to a smaller goal and then accomplish one of those smaller goals at a time.

For example - instead of writing down all my content ideas for twelve months into the future I decided to go for one month and BOY did I feel better! I have a master list of content ideas that I can pull from but I only keep one month at a time in front of me so the overwhelm doesn't hit so hard.

Rope in a friend

As creatives and artists our minds work a little bit differently. We need to find ways to excite our brains. A filmmaker that I follow sent out an email suggesting that we bring in another person to help us accomplish a goal.

Not just an accountability partner but have someone involved in the process of your project. I can be a project oriented person so I need to feel like I'm being productive while I'm being social. I know --- INFJ problems. But think about it. If you want to start YouTube and you haven't found the time to create your first video, ask a friend to run the camera for you. That way you feel like you have to be ready to go when you guys meet. It will be much harder to put it off than if you were by yourself. It's the same principle for having a work out buddy.

Now on to what I'm currently into:

Reading - I'm reading To the Actor by Michael Chekov. Chekov introduced a new technique of acting or character building that used the physical to incite the inner emotion. This was a much different approach from his contemporary Stanislovsky that taught a technique that was more about developing an inner life and letting that work it's way to the outside. It's hard to explain but it's simply just a new acting technique that I hope to add to my tool belt of techniques. I don't really think you can just use one technique to get by. Actors are humans and every day is different. 

Planning - I'm planning to finish my short film Breathe that I've been working on for over a year and a half. It was inspired by the sudden loss of my brother in law. It's a short drama and we're working really hard to make it the best we can. My husband is crafting original music for it and I'm very excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign to raise finishing funds!

Watching - I'm watching Psych reruns because it just makes me happy!

Eating - I'm back on a second round of the Whole 30 diet! I did it in January and I felt great afterwards. I feel like if you can follow it for the whole 30 days it will deliver on it's promise. I remember by the 30th day I felt like I was 20 years old. My period was so much more bearable that month as well. To top it off, I lost about 3.5 lbs without even working out. This month I'm doing it again along with working out so I'm hoping that I'll have even better results!

Drinking - Seltzer water. Nuff said.

Listening - I'm listening to a lot of podcasts. Right now I'm really into Audrey Helps Actors.

Celebrating - It's my birthday month! So along with celebrating Women's History month I'm celebrating myself. 

And I'm a woman.

So that's doubly cool.

My March goals:

  • Create and publish a crowdfunding campaign for Breathe. I'm really nervous about this whole process so pray for your girl!
  • Stay on my Whole 30 and workout grind
  • Edit at least one family video
  • Frame my posters from last year's film camps

Have a wonderful day and remember

Be Brave

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