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Why teaching makes me feel like a rebel (with a cause)

If you've been following me even for a short while you know that I've recently stepped...rather stumbled into the world of teaching filmmaking to kids. You would also know that I NEVER thought that I would be a teacher of anything nor did I want to be a teacher of anything. When I was growing up there was this lame saying going around that went something like this...

"Those who can't do - teach."

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3 Simple Tips for Your Next Vision Board That You Haven't Thought Of.

I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mom are talking about the importance of vision boards this time of year. The fact is they are talking about them because they work. Anyone who has created a vision board and used it has had crazy awesome things happen in their lives. I'm one of those people! This year I simple wrote down and taped my goals to the side of my book shelf next to my desk. I was truly surprised at how many things came to pass for me this year. I hope that these few tips help you along your vision board journey.

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5 Reasons You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others Now

We all know that comparison is the thief of joy but it also is the thief of time. Time is our most precious commodity and we can’t get it back once it’s gone. Comparison eats up your time by causing you to spend time focusing on others in a negative way. Scrolling through social media sites looking at what others are doing and wishing your life was more like theirs takes up serious time! 

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2016 Indiana Black Expo

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to the 2016 Indiana Black Expo downtown at the Indianapolis Convention Center. It was an amazing event and I was really pleased with the exhibitions.

The prior weekend I went to the first Indiana Black Expo Film Festival in which I had the opportunity to be a participant. Our short film Moving Still was accepted into the festival among other wonderful films that covered the topic #yourlifematters.

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Seeking Comfort in Hard Times

This past in America has been...tough to say the least. We as a country have had to face the harsh reality (once again) that there is a divide that still exists between different racial groups. I have personally found myself going through an array of emotions from anger, fear, pain, anguish to humbleness and ultimately some semblance of peace.

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Increase Your Creativity Part 2

Many blog posts that talk about increasing creativity talk about tasks that sound like "frolic through the fields" or "give yourself constraints". While those things are great (I personally like frolicking through the fields) they can actually work against you if you don't understand where these tasks can fit into the creative process.

Before we get started let me say that there are a number of theories out there surrounding the creative process. Many of them are based off of the original work of Graham Wallas. These four stages are simply a starting point or over view of the basic creative process. I believe that as you continue your creative journey you will develop your own process, tips and tricks to work through roadblocks and obstacles that arise as you work on your projects and ideas.

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Increase Your Creativity Part 1

These days the notion of creativity is everywhere. It's a popular buzz word and a top characteristic that headhunters are looking for when recruiting for positions. Sometimes I marvel at how the tables have been turning when it comes to pursuing a creative career. There was a time when becoming a lawyer or doctor was the epitome of success. Getting good grades in school was the highest indication of a successful life. You got  grades so you can get into a good school so you can get more good grades to get a good job that you could work at for 40 years, retire and then move to Florida to live out your golden years in shorts.

Such a boring life in my opinion. (Maybe in yours too?)

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6 Ways to Get Over the Fear of Self- Promotion

As  unique and varied as artists and creatives are many of us have unifying thoughts and beliefs...especially when it comes to sharing what we do with others. I am not different in you in that I love to do my art (acting, filmmaking, writing) but I don't necessarily like a lot of attention. (I know, sounds weird coming from a performing artist, right?) So many times I find myself saying:

"I'm good at making things, not at telling others what I make."

That's my catch phrase when I'm talking to someone about one of my projects who I think might be good at promoting what I do.

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4 Ways to be More Confident When Pursuing Your Passion

We all have the moments where we feel less confident about what we are pursuing. Whether it’s something creative or even an academic pursuit the obstacles in front of us can sometimes grow super tall and scary. But what does it take to become more confident?

I know this struggle well because I’m in the midst of pursuing my passions as too, honey!

Every time I come up to a big obstacle that gets me kind of shaky with fear I think of you guys and how much I want you to succeed in your passion! That thought alone motivates me to find a way to push through my fears.

I know it’s easy to say JUST START! But it’s not always that simple is it?  There is always that place between thinking about starting and actually starting. The key is to make it as short as possible so that you don’t wake up one day with years of “what ifs” left behind you.

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Gain More Confidence With This One Trick

Remember that song Kermit the Frog used to sing called  “Bein’ Green”?

He sang the song to lament his green coloring and how ordinary he felt. He passionately shared how he would blend into everything in nature and not stand out. But at the end of the song he began to embrace who he was and come to a place of self-acceptance.

I think as creatives – and especially busy, sometimes overwhelmed, creatives - we can relate to this song in many ways. Maybe you feel like you don’t have anything unique to share. Maybe you feel hindered by the cards that were handed to you in life. But either way it’s a journey for many creative people (including myself) to come to a place of self – acceptance where we embrace our multi-passionate, creative, sensitive, wonderfully strange selves.

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8 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionsim

I’ve been calling myself a recovering perfectionist for YEARS.

In fact I used it in my bio description on Facebook for a long time. Being a perfectionist is one of those traits where you might feel like it’s something to be proud of but most perfectionists know that it can literally be a debilitating trait. It can stop you from attempting to do the work or even sharing your work with others - which is necessary to being a working artist. 

For me - even though I would say I was  a recovering perfectionist I knew that I really wasn’t doing what I needed to do to really get away from that mindset.  I realized that I was a perfectionist and that I needed to change in order to get more focused and accomplish what I wanted to in life.

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How to Discover Your Dream

I was listening to a periscope the other day and it was super inspiring. The speaker, who was a successful business man who owned a clothing company, was talking about the importance of not listening to people with broke mindsets. Surprisingly, he didn’t mean broke financially but broken spiritually and in maturity.

During the scope, someone asked the question: How do you find out what your dreams are?


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The Power of Showing Up - A lesson from my life

My agency was told only to send their very best and I was selected to go! I was so excited that they thought that I could handle going to this audition. I wasn’t able to prepare until the morning of the audition but it was plenty of time since I’m pretty good at memorizing lines if I stay really focused. Instead of trying to sneak in a little blogging like I normally do when I have a free moment I spent time memorizing and working on some character development for the piece. I really wanted to do a good job since I felt as though I was representing my agency for this audition.

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Clarity and Be Great

Many times when you start a business or project you are really excited about it. You have a ton of ideas, you have a mission and you have a strong belief for what you providing or creating. After awhile the day to day tasks and challenges can start to take precedence over your passion and the bottom line becomes the top dog. When that happens it's always important to go back to the beginning and find your center again. But how do you do that?

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