We were accepted into the Indiana Black Expo!

Last year myself and some really good friends decided that enough was enough. We were going to stop talking about making movies and we were going to MAKE A MOVIE! So we got our spouses together, wrangled some amazing talent, wrote a script and entered the 168 Film Festival.

Much to our surprise we were accepted not only to screen at the festival in LA but we garnered two nominations. One for best original score and one for best actor. We decided that we would take a leap of faith and try to raise some money to go out to LA and watch our film! 

God provided everything we needed to get our butts out to the Golden State and watch our film on the big screen! It was an amazing experience from conception to walking the red carpet. If you want to see more about our journey you can check out our fb page at Moving Still Short Film.

We decided to go ahead and enter our little film into a few more film festivals just to see how the film festival world worked. Imagine our excitement when this film was accepted into the 2016 Indiana Black Expo Film Festival! 

The theme was "Your Life Matters". We thought that our film touched on the importance of life as the story centered around a couple who is grieving the loss of a child. We had several women come up to us after the film and share with us how they had lost a child recently. They shared how the film touched them and spoke true to their situation.

That's what making movies is all about to me - connecting with other human beings.

The event was amazing and surely life changing. The timing of the festival was almost uncanny as it happened only weeks after we heard of the back to back shooting of black men in America. We watched films that dealt with the real struggle of black families trying to just live out their lives in America as well as different topics that are important in black American culture such as mental disorders, beauty and more. It was an impressive line up.

The other cool part about the festival was being able to network with other local filmmakers and discuss upcoming projects. Community is always important in the collaborative arts. Especially for me! I'm a introvert who loves people!

The festival was shown at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in the amazing Toby Theater. There was a really good turnout and we were really proud to be a part of such a historical event in the city.

Watch the trailer below!

dija henry