Being a Team on Set

I used to work at the hospital as a wellness coach and a health screener. I absolutely loved my job. It was a job that I could actually envision myself working at for a really long time. When we would go into the hospital locations I would get such a sense of team work from the hospital staff. Most people were there had a positive and generous attitude towards their jobs. There are lives at stake after all.

As an actor, lives are not at stake in the same sense. But I take my job as an actor seriously. One thing I've learned is acting isn't just about what you do onscreen or onset. It's how you behave and interact with the people behind the scenes as well.

Once again we came back together with FME studios and IKECONIC to work on our "top secret"  project and once again I felt like I was back with my team. When I got on set the two actresses that arrived early were determined to do an efficient job with their scenes. We had a 10-12 hour day slated and everyone knew that time was of the essence.

By the time I got there the two actresses had done a great job and we were two hours ahead of schedule! I could tell that the pace was becoming infectious as the producers and crew seemed to increase with energy as the day went on!

Learning to have a team attitude when it comes to acting is really important. Regardless of what it seems like in "Hollywood" it's not about ONE person. It takes a lot of people to pull things off in the visual story telling world. I think that's why I love this medium so much. It is uniquely one of the most collaborative creative jobs in the world.

And I love it!

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