5 Reasons You Should Be Creating Content if You're an Artist


I started creating content online 10 years ago after I came home from work to raise my 3 kids. At the time they were all under 5 years old and I was in the phase of motherhood that left me exhausted all the time. I was always putting myself last and by the end of each day I was just DONE! I wasn't really being the best mom, wife or even the best me by a long shot. 

One day my husband told me about this new website called YouTube and I started watching videos. I was fascinated by what people were doing online. There was one channel that really inspired me to think about creating my own content. That channel was Happy Slip and the creator would put up funny skits with herself playing all the roles. I found myself dreaming about what it would like to create my own videos for 6 months before I actually posted my first one around Mother's Day. It was exhilarating to see something I had created onscreen! 

All of sudden I had this fresh energy every day! I started a blog at the same time and just loved the idea that I had my own space that NO ONE could get to and dump all their toys in and destroy. I could decorate it however I wanted and create whatever I wanted. I know longer felt that horrible sense of creative constipation! No! I was free flowing and regular, my dear!

Throughout these ten years I've had wonderful opportunities come across my life and I really attribute them to the fact I got out there and created content. No I don't have millions of subscribers on YouTube and that's okay. Maybe I'll get there one day! But I was STILL able to take advantage of the amazing time we're in when it comes to independent content creation! 

Here are 5 reasons why you should create content as well!

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1. You can practice your craft!

Before I was creating YouTube videos I was very uncomfortable in front of the camera. I know, I know! It's hard to believe since I am an actress. But I was trained in theater so basically all of my acting work was done on a stage without a camera in front of my face. Because I put myself in front of a camera almost every day I began to get very comfortable...even confident in front of it. I was able to cultivate a skill of talking directly to the camera as well. This is a great skill as an actress who has to do any hosting on camera. 

In addition I was able to learn how to write, shoot and edit my own scripts. It really opened my eyes to the entire process of filmmaking. I learned that talent was far from the most important part of creating a project. There were so many moving parts that went into a project like building a production team, scouting locations, marketing and business aspects that had to be put into place waaay before anyone hired the talent. That lesson was very advantageous because it changed my attitude from self focused to a more professionally focused attitude when I was on set.

2. It can develop your portfolio

What better way to develop your portfolio or demo reel than to create your own work that highlights your strengths? Before I started creating content online I didn't have any work to show anyone. As I created more and more content I was able to graduate to producing short films of good quality. From these films I was able to use scenes for my demo reel to showcase my acting work. Now I do commercials, films, TV, print modeling and voice over work.

Don't feel like you have to be perfect starting out. Everyone starts somewhere and everyone needs a place to practice and get feedback so they can improve. 

3. It can help you get work

Building up content online is a lot of work but it can pay off in the end. Now I don't make millions online but I have made thousands of dollars because of my content creation. I've had the chance to partner with brands like Hallmark and Target because of my work. I was told specifically I had booked a job for Canon because of the amount of content I had online. I was even flown out to an event to do social media coverage while Martha Stewart and Damon John gave Keynote speeches on entrepreneurship. Blogging for so many years led to professional writing jobs, magazine articles and even self publishing a book.  

4. It can help you grow as an artist

Creating work online can sometimes be the precursor to bigger opportunities. Blogging can lead to a book or writing magazine articles. Short sketches can lead to short films and feature films. Dealing brands can teach you about business which could lead you into the world of entrepreneurship!

5. Creating Content can be good for your mental health

Artists are notorious for being sensitive and deep thinkers. Creativity is necessary for us to live our best lives! When we don't get to create we can get depressed and discouraged. You know I'm right! Being able to create a platform that you can consistently create on is good for the creative soul. It will allow you to cultivate an audience of your own and share your art with them. As you get feedback you can grow and improve over time. Allow yourself this chance to build your own stage on line and share your message with the world. The world needs what you have to offer it.

6. (Bonus!) Online Content can pave the way for others

The biggest example I have for this is Actress and show creator, Issa Rae. Years ago she created an web series called Awkward Black Girl. It didn't have this Hollywood production quality but what it had was a great story and lots of heart. It spoke to a niche group of awkward black girls who hadn't seen themselves reflected in media at all - which is a shame because there are a lot of us out there! Since then Issa Rae has made a name for herself in Hollywood by creating several shows starring women of color. Now she is paving the way for other actresses to follow their dreams. She also hosts short film Sunday's on YouTube where she highlights other filmmakers of color on her channel! Online content creation is not just for ourselves but it can elevate a community!

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Why are you hiding? You have so much to offer the world! In this download I share a brief history of how I started creating online and how it changed my life. I also share the exact process I go through in developing content. Lastly I share all of the tools I use to make my content awesome so you can make awesome content too!

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