A Collaborative Effort

I'm a nurse! At least I play one on TV! HA! I had the great opportunity to work with IKECONIC and the guys at FME Studios on a fantastic top secret project. 

Have I made it now that I can say I'm working on a top secret project? 

Probably not. Even the people who I think have "made it" would reject such a thing!

But it was definitely a good time working with such an amazing cast and crew!

What I really loved about this shoot is that we were able to take the time to really work on the scenes and make them better. It really felt like a collaborative effort between the cast and the crew and the client.

That's really what I love about the medium of visual story telling whether it's on screen or stage. We have to work together to make the end product the best it can be for the client or the audience.

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