5 Unexpected Ways to Reach Your Goals From TED

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At the end of every year I reflect on the past year and spend time dreaming about the future. Dreaming about the future has to be one of my most favorite things. In fact, it's one of my top 5 strengths from the Strengths finders test. My husband and I both love it so much that when we were first married we would have these things called "dream dates" when we would go on a date and just dream and make plans for the future. 14 years later we still do it - but we tend to grab a few minutes at the dining room table in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life...but dreaming we shall do!

This time of year is also filled with the typical advice for goal setting about vision boards, writing down your goals, breaking them down, and focusing on them day and night. However I do believe that different advice works for different people and that the advice we implement is appropriate at different stages of your personal growth.

This year I've stumbled upon a few different pieces of advice that kind of go against the grain of what I used to think about goal setting. So I wanted to share 5 unexpected ways to reach your goals from TED. Now I'm still planning on writing my goals down and making some sort of vision board this year - but I think I will find ways to implement even these uncommon tips of advice along the way and see if they produce better results!

1. Keep Your Goals to Yourself by Derek Sivers- In this video Derek shares some insightful psychological evidence on why it might be better to keep your goals to yourself instead of announcing them to the world. Personally, and I hate to say it, I've found that many times when I announce things I find that I don't achieve my goals. But this year I wrote my first book, landed a third agent all without announcing my plans as goals but rather as something that I still needed to accomplish.

2. 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams by Bel Pesce - This young lady is a power house and wise beyond her years. She shares 5 ways to kill your dreams with candor, authority and honesty rarely found in a young woman of her age. I think you will really enjoy this one!

3. Try Something New for 30 Days  by Matt Cutts- I loved the self effacing way that Matt shares his personal growth from a software engineer stuck behind a desk to a man who has accomplished the most amazing things all by engaging in 30 day challenges. I was super motivated after watching this video and I think you will be to.

4. If You Want to Achieve Your Goals, Don't Focus on Them by Reggie Rivers - I found this video around 6 months ago and the title really raised my curiosity. Reggie sweetly delivers how a childhood lesson changed the way that he looked at goals and reaching them. I think you will actually breathe a sigh of relief after watching this one.

5. What's Your 200 Year Plan by Raghava KK - Many times we hear that we should set short term and long term goals. Have you ever heard of 200 year plan? That's super long term! Raghava shares how viewing his past and future and legacy helps to shape his perspective on how he lives his life. While you are setting your goals for this coming year this could help paint the under current of what you see for your life.

the roar (8).png