How to deal with fear


It would be really nice  if we never had to deal with fear, wouldn't it? But for most of us it's a part of every day life. For those of us who have big dreams and strive every day to go after that dream...well fear can be a constant companion.

I had the opportunity to speak on this topic at the Cultivating Conference when it was here in Indiana and I wasn't sure how it would go over. I found out that this topic resonated with many of the women that were in the audience. I remember that particular year it felt like God was taking me through a bootcamp session for several months on letting go and dealing with fear was very much mixed into that time of my life.

While preparing for the conference I stumbled upon this African proverb "Run towards the roar." It had to do with how the elders would instruct the young ones if they ever found themselves close to a lion. When lions hunt they put their oldest lion across from the hunters. The oldest lion with the scariest roar might actually be the worst hunter because their eyesight isn't as good, they can't run as fast and they might have missing teeth. Their roar is worse than their bite. If the potential victim hears the roar and runs the other direction they will be running right into the mouth of their devourer. If they are brave enough and run towards the roar they will find freedom on the other side. 

"WOW! That has so much to do with my life!" I thought to myself. I felt like maybe it might inspire other people as well.

I've written a lot about this topic here on my blog if you want to go more in depth you can check out the three part series below.

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An African proverb tells children to run towards the roar because it's actually the best bet for making it out alive when you see a lion. I take that principle and apply it to making forward movement in life. Check out this three day course that will change your life...FOREVER.

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