Why am I so excited?

Why am I so excited?

Lemme splain'... About a year ago I found out some news that changed my life. Part of me was relieved and the other part of me was completely floored.

As I lay in my hospital bed the doctors walked in with furrowed brows, concern dripping from their gazes. I knew they had come to a conclusion as to what caused me to fall over from a dizzy spell and lose function of everything below my neck a week earlier. It was a few days into my hospital stay and I had just returned from another round of MRI's and was being pumped full of steroids and was eager to find out what information they were readying themselves to tell me.

There was no doubt about it...I had Multiple Sclerosis.

Finally after years of misdiagnosis, pain fatigue, numbness, tingling, dizziness, and more weird stuff - I had an answer. Multiple Sclerosis...M.S.

My body, for some reason, thought it was a good idea to attack my own nervous system and destroy the nerve coverings that was responsible for sending messages to muscles and organs.

How rude.

But at least I had an answer. And I wasn't sure where to go from here.

When I came out of the hospital I had been given the gift of 20 lbs due to the steroids.

Since I was so weak, I couldn't really move around I was given another gift of 10 lbs.

Oh, how generous my body is!

It would take me months before I could go back to working out and in the midst of that, I had to figure out medication and new lifestyle changes to adapt to what my body had been through.

This year I was able to lose 10 lbs but I still don't feel like myself. I still have days where I lay in bed and I struggle with feelings of depression because like so many of you - I GOT GOALS!

But that doesn't happen just laying in bed.

My dream is to be a FULL-TIME actress and filmmaker which also takes a lot of energy. After a year I've reached a plateau in my fitness journey. I'm ready to jumpstart change and do it on my own terms.

The other major part of a successful fitness journey is getting support. That's where you come in. I've started a support group called Fitness Inspired.

In the group I'll share my journey while you share yours. We can share mind set tips, recipes and even our struggles. I feel like there are a lot of groups out there but if you're focusing in your wellness so you can live your dreams as a creative entrepreneur than let's do this thing together!

You can join for free here.


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