4 Ways to be More Confident When Pursuing Your Passion


We all have the moments where we feel less confident about what we are pursuing. Whether it’s something creative or even an academic pursuit the obstacles in front of us can sometimes grow super tall and scary. But what does it take to become more confident?

I know this struggle well because I’m in the midst of pursuing my passions as too, honey!

Every time I come up to a big obstacle that gets me kind of shaky with fear I think of you guys and how much I want you to succeed in your passion! That thought alone motivates me to find a way to push through my fears.

I know it’s easy to say JUST START! But it’s not always that simple is it?  There is always that place between thinking about starting and actually starting. The key is to make it as short as possible so that you don’t wake up one day with years of “what ifs” left behind you.

As an actor who is an introvert (weird combo, huh?) I’ve had to put myself out there in ways that may not be the most natural to me but because I have a dream to produce and act on a higher level, I keep finding ways to be more comfortable in the uncomfortable by pushing myself to do more.

I still struggle to this day with putting myself out there. I’m an INFJ for those of you who are interested in the Myers Briggs stuff and by nature we are very private…but we are also really passionate. So I figured if I want to do more things in my life – passion has to win.

Here are a few ways that I’ve been able to get more confident in pursing my passion and I hope that it helps you out as well.

1. When You Feel Like You're Not Good Enough - Own it.

Oh man! This is a big one for sure! When we are starting out we don’t feel like we are as good as the people around us. And maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not. There are  a lot of people who are putting out sub par work and making money from it. Social Media has proved that over and over again.


What if you just said “okay, so I’m not good right now. But I’ll get better.”

What if you just approached from a place of truth with a teachable attitude you might find mentors and teachers come around you willing to share what they’ve learned with you. Put your work or dream out there believing that it will only go upward from there. Yes there will be ups and downs. We’ve also seen the graph of the dude on the bike thinking it will be a straight line up and he comes to find out there are some major dips along the way. But begin knowing that you aren’t starting at the end. You are starting at the beginning.

How are you even going to get better if you don’t start?

2. Join or Start a Support Group (BTW it doesn't have to be a formal support group).

I know this might sound funny but I’ve found it to be really helpful. I have a few dear friends that I’ve shared my dreams and goals with. We talk several times a month and we update each other on how things are going and what progress we are making in our creative goals. 

We've even been able to collaborate on projects that resulted in meeting those very goals. For example, I've been wanting to produce films and start entering film festivals. For the last few years I've been able to do just that by working with like-minded friends. To me just collaborating on projects feels like a support group/get things done group.

When you can be open with like minded friends you can encourage one another to take the next step and the next step and the next one after that. You can also keep each other accountable  with setting and documenting goals. Maybe it can be more informal if that’s your style where you talk over brunch and coffee.

Which ever way you choose, make sure its something you enjoy, with people you enjoy.

3. Acknowledge that it's going to be hard!

This one trips me up the most when people don’t think that pursuing your passion is hard work. It’s not easy, and it’s not going to be perfect. Acknowledging these facts really has helped me to move forward.

Remember that there is a journey involved with reaching your goals helps me to be patient instead of having the expectation that I’m going to be where I want to be tomorrow. Some people seem like over night successes but the truth is that some overnight successes where 10 years in the making! Don’t be fooled by what you see. There is a lot of work behind the scenes.

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve spent many a late night writing, learning, studying just to  get better at what I love to do. I have struggled with giving up several times when I don’t see the growth that I want but I know that I’ll NEVER see the growth if I don’t keep going and keep putting myself out there.

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4. Make a Plan to Start.

Many MANY times I realize that when I’m in a moment of panic (actually long moments) and feeling like a chicken with my head cut off I realize that I just don’t have a plan and it’s tripping me up.

Now I’ve learned to sit down and get really quiet and think about the point of origin of my panic. I consider what is actually causing frustrated thoughts and actions in my mind. These thoughts just radiate out from the point of origin causing my wires to cross and send me into a lack of confidence spiral.

Real life experience is about to be dropped on you.

The other day I was getting really frustrated with the look of my blog. I’ve been tweaking it for weeks trying to clean it up and make it more useful for the visitors. One day it finally came to a head when I was looking at my Instagram and realizing that it wasn’t looking how I wanted. I literally went on this insta-labyrinth and when I finally stopped and sat down I realized that I need to finally come up with some branding guidelines for my blog.

The root of the solution was to understand my brand from a visual perspective so that I could feel more confident in how I presented my blog and business.

I still have some ways to go but now I really feel more confident in the next steps.

So when you are feeling super not confident about starting on your passion… stop, drop and do some detective work on what’s really stopping you from moving forward.

Dig deep and find the one thing that if you changed it everything else would change as well.

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I hope that these four steps help you to become more confident in this process of pursuing your passion.

What are some ways that you've found helped you to become more confident in the process?