The Watered Seed Short Film

My amazing cousin convinced me to shoot a short film for the 2016 American Black Film Festival McDonald's Short film Competition. This year the theme had to do with community. The inspiration was the phrase "Roots run deep."

And so being the great cousin I am I said "Are you crazy? It's in like two weeks!"

No I'm joking. I just thought that in my head. But I'm glad I shut that voice up and went on the adventure with m cousin. She wrote the first draft and together we tweaked and massaged it into a story we both liked. However disaster struck the night before when our camera guy had to pull out because of work.

Stupid work.

So my cousin and I rolled up our sleeves and decided that we were going to shoot and edit this thing ourselves! And so we did! We dove into the filmmaking process together with my actor friend and a friend who agreed to do make up. We hauled the kids around in my truck getting props and setting up the location. 

We did get some help on the first edit and then I took over and finished it up. I was so scared! Together we talked over face time watching and re-watching the film, adding music, and eventually writing and editing the voice over that made the piece really cohesive.

I'm SO PROUD of us! Self Producing work really is such an amazing experience! Every time I think back on what we did I get this surge of the "WE CAN ROCK THIS!" spirit.

90 seconds and I smile every time.

dija henry